[thelist] Re: Back from the dead!

Kevin Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Fri May 17 12:44:00 CDT 2002

> http://thebml.com/index.html  has now been
> updated with the content in question.

Found one strong indication of the problem:  there is a "BASE HREF" line
near the top of the various frame components, and commenting it out
suddenly makes everything work in Netscape as well as IE.

What I can't figure out is why it was there in the first place. :-)  I'm
not sure if the current behavior (blue navigation menu/frame remains in
place while other links appear below it) is the desired behavior or not.

It could be quite pleasant if that menu (logo.html) were not quite so

> > As for the image tags. have you tried <img src="./foo.image"> ?

Did not help at all as long as the BASE HREF was in effect.  Nor did
trying <img src="/foo.jpg">

Thanks for the feedback!
Kevin 'digger' Martin <evolt at brasscannon.net>

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