[thelist] I'm gonna switch! I mean it this time!

Mike Rudberg mrudberg at challengesoftware.net
Fri May 17 13:51:01 CDT 2002

Hi Bill,
I read your message.  I'm sorry that you're looking at getting rid of the
PCs in favor of the MACs.  Do get me wrong, I like the Mac (I have 10 of
them here); however, I might suggest, a much more stable OS (other than MS
Win/???).  The OS here (except for PC) is Slackware Linux (v8.0).
Benefits?  1 - Linux is much more reliable and stable than the likes of MS,
2 - The memory management under Linux is actually 32-bit written by those
who seem to know what they do, 3 - You MUST recieve the complete source code
for the OS (that's Open Source in action), 4 - If a problem DOES occur, you
have roughly 20,000 usersdevelopers worldwide to send out an SOS, and;
finally, 5 - You don't need to re-purchase any computer equipment.  Linux
can run on any thing from a 386 up to (and including) some mainframes - not
that you might wish to purchase a not-so-new 370 from IBM.  Also, should you
go and REALLY get a Mac (iMac, PowerPC, etc), MkLinux can run on that
machine, making a cross compatibility unparalleled  from any standpoint.

I don't know what you write; however, with most ALL of the distributions of
Linux, you get: PHP 4.0.?, Perl v5.??, GCC (the GNU Compiler Collection
including - C/C++/OOP/JAVA), Python, Lisp, Curses (a library of pop-up
windowing functions), the gmake utiloity, the CVS/RCS archival system, along
with the ability to read/write almost any floppy/hard disk on the planet.

Installation is fairly easy.    Depending on the distribution, you can deal
with a neat screen-handling GUI or a series of pop-up windows based on the
Curses library.

Obtaining a copy is also fairly easy.  Point your browser to
http://www.slackware.org (for Slackware), http://www.gnu.org (for
GNU/Debian Linux) - Both are free; however downloading can be a &*!$ (fill
in the blank).  If you let me know, I can send you the 3 CDs of the latest
Slackware and even give you a leg up on installation.  I do this without
charge - just to show people the benefits of Linux.   The other distros -
all must be purchased: http://www.caldera.com (Caldera's OpenLinux) and
http://www.suse.com (a German-language version).  There are others; however,
I don't want to bore you too much. ;}

BTW, if you want a chuckle, visit this website: http://www.mslinux.org/.
Before we all reel in panic, this site is NOT Microsoft's.  Apparently the
group who created this site began the "distribution" of "MSLinux".  I'm not
100% sure if such a thing REALLY exists; however, there is one REAL Linux
call "Lindows".  Their site is: http://www.lindows.com


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> I am considering getting rid of all of my PCs and buying new Macs in their
> place. Although this may at first seem off-topic, it actually isn't. I'd
> like to hear from fellow developers/designers about what challenges and
> benefits they face specifically as a result of using Macs over PCs. (I
> it seems like this conversation should not even be necessary these days,
> it is a big decision for me.)
> Why am I considering this? I'm sick of MS. I finally realized how much
> I waste fixing Windows-specific issues, security problems, etc., and I
> wanna do it anymore.
> Will I be happier with a Mac environment? What are the "watch out for
> and "but you'll really like this" things that go along with web
> in a Mac environment?
> BH
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