[thelist] I'm gonna switch! I mean it this time!

Jon Hall jonhall at ozline.net
Fri May 17 14:18:00 CDT 2002

You mean like the fact that everything comes out for the Mac last, or not at
all, and is twice as expensive?

On the other hand Apple does have the first rackmount with dual volume

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> I am considering getting rid of all of my PCs and buying new Macs in their
> place. Although this may at first seem off-topic, it actually isn't. I'd
> like to hear from fellow developers/designers about what challenges and
> benefits they face specifically as a result of using Macs over PCs. (I
> it seems like this conversation should not even be necessary these days,
> it is a big decision for me.)
> Why am I considering this? I'm sick of MS. I finally realized how much
> I waste fixing Windows-specific issues, security problems, etc., and I
> wanna do it anymore.
> Will I be happier with a Mac environment? What are the "watch out for
> and "but you'll really like this" things that go along with web
> in a Mac environment?

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