[thelist] I'm gonna switch! I mean it this time!

Bill Haenel bill at webmarketingworx.com
Fri May 17 15:35:01 CDT 2002

> I'll end with the same advice I give everyone. Pick the software
> first, and
> then find the hardware it runs best on.

I guess that's why I approached thelist with this -- I assume that most of
thelistees are using essentially the same or similar software, since we all
do similar types of work. I was hoping to determine by hearing a discussion
of the experience of others exactly which hardware IS the best for the tools
we tend to use. Plus I was hoping like to know ahead of time what the good
and bad, the highpoints and pitfalls might be for those in our industry.

So far, it sounds like you can do what we do on just about any platform, and
what you go with is really a matter of preference. Heck, any old box can run
a text editor, right?

I'm sure I can live without Homesite.


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