[thelist] RE: [mj] Printing web pages with headers and footers

Burhan Khalid burhankh at hotmail.com
Fri May 17 19:56:19 CDT 2002

If you are not concerned with cross browser compatibility, then IE has some
great print customization features that will allow you to configure the
header whichever way you like.

Also, I would look at the css specification : www.w3.org/Style/CSS . While
visiting that site a couple of days back, I remember seeing something about
pagination using CSS (for the print media). Be warned, CSS is very dependent
on the browser ("client") and its interpretation of the CSS.  I would test
it with all your possible browser/platform combos to make sure it worked.
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> > couldn't you put the header and footer in a div with display
> > set to 'none' in the screen style sheet and 'block' for the print??
> That doesn't address variable data length and header/footer positioning,
> does it? You'd have to manually place each header and footer throughout
> page.
> The original query was looking for a 'Word' style header/footer which
> appear at the top/bottom of each printed page (e.g., if the web 'page' was
> three printed 'pages' you'd get three h/f combos.)
> joel
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