[thelist] General purpose MySQL DBM

Gustavo Arizpe garizpe at network.com.mx
Sat May 18 00:38:09 CDT 2002


Does anybody know if there exists some kind of graphical, general-purpose
database manager for MySQL?

What I'm looking for would be something similar to FileMaker or Access. It
would allow to easily create different relational databases (i.e for contact
management, invoicing, record collection, projects, etc.).

PHPMyAdmin or DataMan doesn't accomplish what I want, but maybe I'm asking
too much. Or am I not? Doesn't it just makes sense to have such a tool that
would work great and would be very useful on any Intranet,  OS X network
and, of course, on the web?

Please point me to such wonderful tool or help me to get some clue.

Thanks so much in advance,


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