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Chris Mason masonc at masonc.com
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I switched all my sites to soupermail, much more secure and flexible form

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What timing. I read the thread on FormMail that just ran, so I quickly
checked out what the hosting service had on the server we were using and
found it was an old version of Matt's FormMail. I checked the logs and saw
we were getting hit (what a mess...server meltdown -- I'm still trying to
find out if we made any of the  blacklists -- 17,000 successful forms!).

I know nothing about CGI, Perl, etc. The hosting service (we're on a shared
server) immediately put the latest FormMail on the site and I had them check
out nms.sourceforge.net (they said they are still looking at it). In
addition to this script, are there any other scripts that are recommended
for an Apache server (it doesn't have to be free!)? I have access to the
cgi-bin, so, in the meantime, can I just rename FormMail.pl to something
else or is there more to it then that?

BTW, if I had not seen this mentioned on the list, I would have been
completely in the dark about this entire issue. Many thanks to the Evolt
community! This list has saved my bacon countless times.


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