[thelist] Re: I'm gonna switch! I mean it this time!

Jon Gillespie monk at BrotherJon.com
Sat May 18 11:27:01 CDT 2002

> I do a little of everything, from development/coding, to design, to audio
> and image editing, and whatever else.

>  I
> am almost 100% a Macromedia/Adobe user. 90% of the time I'm running Homesite
> 5 and a browser, with a little Photoshop and once in a blue moon some DWUD
> thrown in. I use EditPlus or HTML-Kit when I don't feel like waiting

You might want to check into Apple's dual processor PowerMac. Even in
programs not yet optimized for dual processing, you can still get a huge
performance boost from a dual system, especially in OSX.

My husband has a Dual Gig and a Dual 800 in his recording studios. It's
a jaw dropping difference in work efficiency.

Can you imagine working in Photoshop no longer getting the chance to
watch that stupid "in progress" bar?

I work primarily in Photoshop, Macromedia, and Microsoft products. I
myself have ditched being tied to a desktop at all by opting for a G4
laptop and am waiting for the day I can inherit one of his dual machines
for my more processor intensive jobs.

And not related to machine speed, but usig a Mac comes with the benefit
of being able to use BBEdit, an awesome text editor even for us non
tech-heads. It's an invention in the same category as toothpicks to me
-- simple, elegant, basic, un-adorned, useful, and cheap. You can use it
to just pick your teeth, or depending on your skills, capable of running
the world (okay, a bit of an overstatement, we all know Evolters rule
the world... ;).

Here are some reviews of the dual processors:

Power Macintosh G4/800, G4/933, and Dual-1GHz comparisons

Dual Gig PowerMac

general examination of dual processing

multi-processing in OSX on Dual 800 performance comparisons


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