Apache vhost on win2k [was RE: [thelist] PHP 4.2 on Apache 2 on win2k]

Gijs van Tulder evolt at gmx.net
Sat May 18 12:50:00 CDT 2002

Hi Peter,

Did you include a NameVirtualHost-directive in your httpd.conf?
NameVirtualHost *
should work.

You could also try changing your hosts-file to:  site1  site2

I don't know for sure it works like this, but I have configured my
hosts-file like this and it works. Windows probably allows one IP-address
just once in your hosts-file. Other hostnames can be configured on the same

Maybe this works,


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I figured out my error, I had to comment out the "AddModule mod_php4.c" to
get the SAPI to work. And why does win2k get confused with vhosts?
My vhosts are configured as follows:
<VirtualHost *>
     ServerAdmin webmaster at Site1
     DocumentRoot C:/Sites/Site1
     ServerName Site1
     ErrorLog logs/Site1-error_log
     CustomLog logs/Site1-access_log common

<VirtualHost *>
     ServerAdmin webmaster at Site2
     DocumentRoot C:/Sites/Site2
     ServerName Site2
     ErrorLog logs/Site2-error_log
     CustomLog logs/Site2-access_log common

I've added this to my Hosts file: Site1 Site2

But win2k confuses Site1 with localhost and won't even allow for Site2, it
only attempts to connect to the internet.
What have I left out is bugging me to no end.
Any ideas?

Peter Kaulback

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