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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sun May 19 13:18:01 CDT 2002

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| On May 19, Michele Foster had something to say about [thelist] ASP
| >Hi Folks ..
| >
| >I've a couple questions .. maybe someone will know what the following
| >.. and what the importance is of them.
| >
| >response.buffer="TRUE"
| in IIS4, this property is det to false by default. if it's set to true,
| you can control when the output buffer is sent to the client.
| so, if you've got a proccess-intensive bit of code, you can make it seem
| like it isn't taking as long to the client if you send some stuff before
| it:
| <html>
| ...
| <body>
| Welcome to my process intensive page. Blah...
| <%
| Response.Flush
| 'heavy coding here
| %>
| </html>

It's not IMHO process intensive .. at least not if it's written correctly ;)
Will comment out and see if anything breaks.

| >response.cachecontrol="PRIVATE"
| hell if i know.


| >response.expires="300"
| i think this sets the expire date to 300 seconds from now.
| >response.expiresabsolute=DATE+1
| yet this seems to set the date to the next day

might explain why I keep having to hit ctrl-refresh in order to see any
changes .. think I'll comment out and see if anything breaks.


| >**query_blurbid=session("commentblurbid")
| >
| >Or just pass it hidden and request.form to get the variable in question?
| >I'm not at all sure why to use "session" and what might else break should
| >change it to querystring or hidden.
| if session is available, it's less of a pain to use than appending the
| comment id of adding a field to every link or form (respectively) that
| needs it.
| but, if theyre already being passed with the querystring, then, im not
| sure why they're using the session as well. are they USING the querystring
| var anywhere in teh code?

Nope .. not the comment processing page anyway .. but I think I've found the
problem on the page before .. they're setting the same variable twice .. to
two different values .. rather confusing.  Looks like the setting of the
variable the second time is clearing the first value, yet its the first
value that's to be compared in the sql statement.  Will play around with it
and see if I can get it sorted out.  I'm going to pass the correct value
directly from one page to the next .. as I'm pretty sure the value isn't
updating properly in the "session" and that's what's causing comments to be
posted under the incorrect entry.  Does this make logical sense?

Thanks guys :)


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