[thelist] problem with SlideShow js from Dynamic Drive

Sharon F. Malone sfmalo at 24caratdesign.com
Sun May 19 16:08:00 CDT 2002

Two problems:

Problem 1
I just put a Drop-In Slide Show javascript on an "work-in-progress" site for a client. It was advertised as working in NN4 and NS6 (as well as IE5 and 6). The site looks fine in NN4 and IE5.5 but not NS6.1. (Don't know about IE6.)

In NS6.1 the Features page's text etc. expands greatly throwing off the entire design (and looks kludgy) compared to the site's Home page. I've just created two pages (and the Privacy Policy) so far.

Problem 2
Also (and also most aggravating) is that it will not validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. The script throw several errors. So I changed the page back to HTML 4.01 Transitional and, same thing, the script generates several errors at W3C validator.

This is my first attempt at XHTML. The home page validates fine (both XHTML and CSS) but THIS poor page has lost its XHTML 1.0 Trans (and HTML 4.01) "free of errors" status because of the SlideShow script! The CSS still validates.

Any suggestions/ideas as to how I can fix it? Not getting any help from Dynamic Drive's forum.


Sharon F. Malone
"web design and Internet writing services"
sfmalo at 24caratdesign.com

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