[thelist] General purpose MySQL DBM

Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Sun May 19 19:38:01 CDT 2002

I don't this to be taken the wrong way, but if you want an Access style interface, use Access.

Through MyODBC, it is possible to connect Access to a MySQL database.  This would allow you to build your own interface using the tools that you like in Access.

Other than that, there ia few generic, bouncing-ball style setups for MySQL.  This can be mainly attributed to the cross platform nature of the program.  It is a very large task to build something that will work on all of the platforms that MySQL offers and still maintain some consistancy.

There are a number of projects out that that attempt to autogenerate a web form based on the table that is to store the data.

Here's just a few I noticed while searching SF.net:


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I know I'm sounding too lazy, but isn't just great how easily can you create
databases and forms with FileMaker? Why there are no tools like FileMaker
for MySQL? Do I have no clue at all?

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