[thelist] [OT] Currents trends in layout design

Rob Smith rob.smith at thermon.com
Wed May 22 13:49:01 CDT 2002

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You really have to approach this from a modular design perspective.
Cascading Style Sheets does what the name says. Tables are to aid in layout,
not style. CSS is for layout and style. And if by some chance you're (web)
designing several hundred pages all including tables of some form or
fashion, you'd want at least some consistency, less you drive your customers
away with headaches (and really really long sentences). Both CSS and Table
usage have its pros and cons but to find that happy medium between the two
is bliss.

Imagine you are a news paper editor for a major metropolitan newspaper. Your
daily output on one "paper" is about 80 pages. Now imagine they're all a
different layout, color, and God forbid <blink>ALERT!!!</blink> is used
(classified sections).

Bottom Line, keep it clean, professional, effective, stylish, polished, and
most of all working. That is what I believe the "Current trends" are and
will be for quite some time.

>>>tables are designed to display tabular data in the same way CSS is
intended for page layout...<<<

interesting point... but, it seems to me that tables have always been touted
as a way of gaining more control over page layout ... at which point, design
elements *become* tabular data... or am i making too much of this? sometimes
i can't tell. <grin>


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