[thelist] php writing to a file

Daniel Fascia danfascia at totalise.co.uk
Thu May 23 06:52:01 CDT 2002

I find php's DBM database functions are largely an untapped resource which is ideal for small scale database apps like this which clearly do not require something of
MySQL scale.

I have made such a system for a client before, which made a fresh DBM database everyday (named by date) to take orders and a script which allowed him to login
and download the file which was then readily understood by the likes of excel... This suited perfectly as it was simple for me (PHP DBM functions are good!) and he
didnt have to learn any new software...

>do you think it would be easy to convert to code and csv files to a database
>solution?  I reckon it means starting it all again?  this is a shopping solution
>which is very small but very friendly.

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