[thelist] Threatened by printies

Roger Newbrook roger.newbrook at kmsoftware.com
Fri May 24 11:12:13 CDT 2002

graham wrote
"As well as general web design, I am responsible for our Web Design
Guidelines and their enforcement, our Accessibility policy and it's
guidelines, compliance with W3C standards, and I am also the sole voice in
the organisation for usability. I am good at what I do and take pride in
our output."

i think you have to be a little more vocal in singing your own praises :)
the problem with usability and accessibility issues etc is that when you do
the job well, your effort kind of becomes invisible (which, if you think
about it, is how these aspects of Human Computer Interaction should be).
usability is, after all, concerned with making interaction as painless as
possible. joe/jane public notice when UI issues have been ignored and site
navigation/interaction becomes difficult and confusing, but not often when
it is done well

you could incorporate usability issues in client review documentation, ask
them directly how they find the system/site you have worked on. also if you
have any form of Quality Management System you could also flag up work you
have done regarding cross platform/browser compatibility, perhaps in the
form of a checklist. thereby making visible and tangiable, the tasks that go
unnoticed by the casual browser (possibly including your managers and the
pretenders to your throne).

it's a problem, i know, but drawing people's attention to the matters you
consider important in your work activities might help make your bosses aware
of what you actually do :)



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