[thelist] Threatened by printies

Katie Kearns kkearns at cisco.com
Fri May 24 12:48:25 CDT 2002

At 10:29 AM 5/24/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>I agree with John 100% - GET OUT. I have a print design background and
>worked in very similar
>conditions. You will not be able to get across the real importance of what
>you do to these people,
>particularly those old school folks.

Does he have to? I mean, what's important isn't what the printies think of
him, but what the guy who pays him thinks...

>  To them, design is design - you won't change their opinion.
>What you WILL seem like, (to them) is some kind of an elitist who is
>putting them down, no matter
>how "tactful" you try to be. Case in point is the 4-5 jobs 'done' in
>Quark. They are pretty proud
>of themselves for that one trust me.

Or, you can try educating them. I assure you, once they find out how hard
it really is, they'll probably stop wanting to help. ;)

Maybe you should point out whatever problems you see with what they're
doing in a tactful way? Back yourself up with references. Maybe their site
looks awful in some particular browser -- well, show them!


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