[thelist] Anon web page based proxy?

ERIC JOHNSON ERIC.JOHNSON at desertschools.org
Fri May 24 16:39:00 CDT 2002

Actually I sent this to a friend yesterday.  Google searching for "anonymous web" yielded a *couple* relevant hits but I couldn't think of how to better refine my search.

One of the sites I know worked was:


After the last slash, append the http://www.somesite.com web address and it should work, if not, dig down to the root and see if that does.

Good luck!

Eric J.
Web Developer

>>> lordcutter at mac.com 05/23/02 06:32PM >>>
Hey, I have the task of checking if a sites new dns works -
it works for me, but I have until recently been using the server as a
  and I can connect to it from the server itself which is also kind is
biased -
I want to use a service like anonymizer, but it is now commercial and
its counterpart safeweb is not longer offering the service.
any ideas?


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