[thelist] markup - which element?

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Sun May 26 02:20:01 CDT 2002

Shirley Kaiser, SKDesigns said:
> Steve Champeon discussed some good ideas recently at webdesign-l in a
> thread about markup for lyrics. In that vein, then, you could consider
> naming a class for each of these thinking forward to XML if you
> wish..... something like:
> <cite class="movie">Star Wars</cite>
> <cite class="game">Zap 2000!</cite>
> <cite class="book">CSS for Dummies</cite>
> Maybe for now you'd want the elements to look the same, but it's a
> forward thinking approach. Steve knows all the XML stuff that's over
> my head and could explain this better. I just know the CSS stuff.
> <grin> You can check the webdesign-l archives (I think you have to be a
> subscriber) at
> <http://www.webdesign-l.com/>

Hmm.. I don't think XML in the weblog is for me. I sat down a while ago, and
thought about an xml dtd for a weblog, and then I realised that precisely
because a weblog talks about such a wide variety of things, it's not really
a good candidate for a special xml. Nearly everything you need is already in
the xhtml spec, since that was designed for general mark-up. special xml is
only really needed for special things, such as a dtd for maths, or to take
the earlier example you gave, lyrics. Thanks all the same though!

and shouldn't that be <grin /> btw? ;)

> Something to consider....
> (BTW, I'll check my email here, too, and if I still have that thread
> I'll let ya know.)
> HTH!

Cool, it sounds interesting. Thanks Shirley.

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