[thelist] table-less?

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon May 27 15:19:00 CDT 2002

> I am trying to use a 100% width on the .menubar class,
> but the urls fold round when the browser size can't
> accommodate the width.

hi david

does it not make sense that they should do that?

it almost sounds like you want to prevent the urls from wrapping

that's a mug's game, because there will always be situations -- a narrow
window, or bigger fonts (see note below) where the urls *will* wrap, and a
horizontal scroll is the last thing you want

> Can anyone suggest a better way of doing this please?

why not just let them wrap?

or, you can make things less troublesome by removing the margins on the
menubartext class

>   .menubartext {
>        color: #00F;
>        font-family: Verdana, Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
>        font-size: 11px;
>        margin-left: 15px;
>        margin-right: 50px;  /* space between urls */
>        text-decoration: none;
>    }

see, those styles (except for font-size and the margins) would be better
defined as

   .menubar a {  }

because then your code would be cleaner, too

use a non-breaking space between two normal spaces in order to achieve good
separation between urls

   <div class="menubar">
       <a href="url1">url1</a>
       <a href="url2">url2</a>
       <a href="url3">url3</a>

note:  for a nav bar, 11px is (a) too small, and (b) too fixed


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