Coding for intranets (was RE: [thelist] Color Chooser Review -- c orrection)

Mark Groen mark at
Tue May 28 22:18:00 CDT 2002

> But you would be ignoring a mother who's shopping for a car for her
> son. The mother may very well be blind.

Point taken, but I still doubt they lost a single car sale because of site
inaccessiblity. People that buy Minis *want* Mini cars and they want to see
what colours they come in and they won't be relying on their blind Mom to
buy it for them, maybe cosign the loan though...

> When doing my Master's (which I never finished), I was working on
> designing a work environment for translators. My director said that I
> could safely ignore blind people, cause they wouldn't be doing written
> translation. It just so happens that my very blind cousin is a
> translator of the written word.

There is an exception to every rule, but the question was along the lines of
when the rules can be safely ignored and I agree that a text based
application like your visually impaired cousin's case would be one of them. If
you want to appeal to a wide audience then sure, fire up your Lynx broswer
and test in that. Another exception of course would be any govt./school site
which must comply by law in order to receive funding.

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