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Wed May 29 13:19:01 CDT 2002

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How about discussing when you are starting to create a large website, how you
should start with a layout of the site, then use include or require
statements to bring in the navigation and other parts that will show up on
every page, so you only have to make changes in one place to change all

> <snip>
> Is this supposed to be a "design" class or a "development" class?  If it
> was design, I'd talk about sitemaps, navigation placement, search engine
> placement, color and font selection, as well as management of user
> expectations... etc.  If it was development, I'd talk about the stuff
> other people have mentioned.
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> Good clarification question, joshua; yes, it is meant to be a design
> workshop... Hmm...
> ...these have all been great suggestions. From all o' ya! :)
> I'm going to be packaging the intro/intermediate/advanced workshops into
> ready-to-go things for work in the next month... Shall put 'em up on my
> site, too... In case anyone might be interested down the road. :P
> -m

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