Coding for intranets (was RE: [thelist] Color Chooser Review -- correction)

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Thu May 30 02:52:00 CDT 2002

At 10:21 AM 5/29/2002, Martin responded to Tom Dell'Aringa:
>>Again, I don't say wrong or right, I'm just stating my experience over
>>the past 9 years
>>in this industry. Particularly at a $100 million dollar company, and at
>>a pure-play Internet
>>professional services firm - not working from my basement.
>So is it that you don't understand your legal environment, or that you
>just don't care to comply with it?

Also, Martin, the laws vary from country to country. It seems that the UK
has tighter laws about accessibility and websites, and I just heard that
Canada has stricter laws than we do in the U.S., too. Here in the U.S.,
only government-related sites are required by law to follow our U.S. 508
guidelines. U.S. businesses aren't required to follow the guidelines yet. I
do hope it becomes a requirement, though, as I suspect so many businesses
won't provide accessible-oriented sites otherwise.


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