[thelist] what happened to browserwatch.com?

CodeBitch codebitch at macedition.com
Mon Jun 3 19:12:03 CDT 2002

On 4/6/02 4:04 AM, "nagrom" <morgan at morgankelsey.com> wrote:

> aardvark,
>> (aka browserwatch.internet.com)
>> that used to be a keen place to go look up browser stats, UA
>> strings, browser news, etc...
>> went there this morning and instead got that internet.com
>> monolithic crap content page... the nearest thing i can find in their
>> all-but-useless site navigation and search engine is:
>> http://ipw.internet.com/clients_servers/web_browsers/index.html
> [..]
> a bummer indeed, lets hope he's updating it or something....
> w3schools has a similiar thing, though not as good:
> http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_stats.asp

Dave G is still alive and well, but he stopped doing BrowserWatch some time
ago.  Another guy whose name I forget was operating the site for the last
year or so of its existence. As time went on, it stopped getting updated. I
wasn't sorry to see its latter incarnation go; it had nothing to recommend
it, IMO.

The only similar site I know of is Charles Upsdell's Browser News site:

Note: W3School's stats page is just republished TheCounter.com data, which
is dodgy rubbish, for all the reasons discussed over on the CSS-Discuss list
(check the archives for posts by me in the past month and others in the same

If you want to know about the audience of an existing site, you need to do
your own analysis of the logs, preferably with my Analog config file (-;

Alternatively you can check out other people's stats using a Google search
like this one:
Naturally this isn't very scientific sampling, but if you find a few sites
with similar target audiences to yours, it might be helpful.


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