[thelist] Links in email

Austin Govella austin at desiremedia.com
Wed Jun 5 15:02:04 CDT 2002

>> but all that's displaying in the received email is the code, no matter
> which format I am in.
>> Can someone just explain how this might work and any caveats that come
> with it?

Perhaps you absolutely must have snazzy lnk text, but most email clients
will highlight links typed in an email message. Combined with the fact
that non-html email clients (or those who have set theirs as such) will
see your html code instead of the pretty link. Because of these two
factors, I usually opt for some descriptive text simply followed by the

This seems to be somewhat of a standard judging from the lists and
newsletters I receive.

I found some tutorials on creating HTML email (which is essentially wehat
you're trying to do). Can't vouch for any of them.

Breaks the process down by common email programs:

Goes over creation, as well as lists popular clients that can't read HTML


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