[thelist] Question of Accessibility

Mark Groen mark at markgroen.com
Wed Jun 5 16:16:04 CDT 2002

> James S. Huggins wrote:
> <quote>
> I am looking for someone who can tell me with some authority whether
> this site is "accessible" or not
> http://www.lmaeronautics.com/palmdale/lerc/index.html
> NOTE: that it requires Flash.
> </quote>

All I get is a big white screen with nothing else, oops I'm half blind and can't
"see" Flash so don't have it turned on. How much "authority" do you need?
Do a little archive search, everything Liam said and many, many others also
regarding Flash and accessibility. If it's got Flash and no alternative it is
simply not accesible IMHO.

The sad part is that I don't see anything on the site when Flash is turned on
that really needs Flash that can't be done with DHTML or JavaScript and
regular old HTML. I tried to buy something and clicked everywhere but
nothing happened until I went to the checkout button at the bottom and then
came up against a form that needed to be printed and then snail mailed
along with my sensitive credit card information, which no one in their right
mind would do.

At the very least, create a simple javascript shopping cart that carries the
item numbers/description to the form from some checkboxes or radio buttons
so it's filled in for the customer. Let them email that WITHOUT the CC info
and then the vendor can phone and confirm the order and collect the CC info
at confirmation.

Of course that is not "authorative" and just my opinion along with many other
people so it may not be the answer you were looking for...

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