[thelist] Flash question

Matt mspiegler at lightbulbpress.com
Thu Jun 6 14:58:01 CDT 2002

are you just selecting the image and trying to fill the "URL" field?
Because that wont work. You need to convert the image to a MovieClip and
then create anClick event that contains the getUrl, or else create a
button, place it over the image, and put the getUrl in the mouseEvent.


Jason Lustig wrote:

> Hey guys
> I'm editing a flash file that someone else put together, because it
> linked to a URL and the URL has changed, and we need to update the flash
> file. Unfortunately the person who made the flash file isn't working
> with us anymore, so we don't have the original source file, only the
> .swf file.
> I imported the .swf file into flash, and it looks like the import went
> well. My question is this: it was a set of images that were linked to
> the URL, and I'm trying to get to it, but flash is telling me that
> images can't be used as HTTP links, like text can.
> Is this something that got screwed up in the import, maybe? I'm thinking
> that perhaps it was text in the original version, and that's how it was
> linked, but the import changed the characters to graphics.
> If this is what happened, how can I fix this? We need to fix the flash
> file...
> --jason
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