[thelist] chinese inside macromedia homesite?

Howard The Duck h.t.d at gmx.de
Fri Jun 7 09:35:03 CDT 2002

> HomeSite 5 does in fact have full Unicode support.

Hm, well you're right. They crazily didn't enable this feature by default,
so opening unicode or utf-8 files normally ends up in a mess.
Paragraph below is from Macromedia.com

"If user deals with any file with Unicode, Unicode Big Endian and UTF-
8 encoding, check box of "Enable non-ANSI file encoding" in File
Settings (Options > Setting > File Settings) must be checked.
Otherwise, these non-ANSI file strings cannot be manipulated properly
by our editor. [27101] "

Actually this is kind of stupid from macromedia/allaire because now
there are some reviews that say HS5 does not support unicode.... like

anyway - you an create chinese files in homesite, sorry for my

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