[thelist] Netscape... why?

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Fri Jun 7 18:29:10 CDT 2002


>  > ~ document.write different <link> tags based on navigator.userAgent,
>>  use standard css for a <link> higher on the page, and just let NN 4.x
>>  with JS disabled barf on it --
>NN4.x won't render CSS with JS disabled...

Meant barf on the the pretty CSS, not page layout.

>but IE without JS enabled will still be penalized...

The strategy is this:

Don't rely on CSS for anything that would make the site unusable
Put the stuff that will not break in any target browsers in a non
document.write <link>
Lower on the page, deal with problems in target browsers and use
browser-specific CSS by document.write()ing different stylesheets for
different browsers.

If you plan it wellt:

- everybody can get the content
- those w/o JS get a prettier content
- the amount of control in your target browsers WITH JS is only
limited by how anal you're willing to be

>i think using document.write penalizes your non-JS user
>unecessarily... after all, if you're taking the time to serve
>different CSS for people, why not support 'em all?

My response to that is that turning off JavaScript unnecessarily
penalizes the browser! Whenever JS is turned off, someone has
intentionally handicapped the browser, and I don't have a problem if
my pages don't look as pretty as they would with JS on.

And really, there are things that you _have_ to serve different stuff
... either with JS or a cookie as you suggest in your fine article.

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