[thelist] Site check/advice

Shoshannah Forbes xslf at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 8 18:00:12 CDT 2002

Hi there.
Here are a few comments. I am using Mozilla 1.0, windows 98, 800x600 screen
res, Modem connection:

* Fast loading page on my connection- nice :-)
* I have set the default link color in my browser to red. You changed the
background color of the page, but not the link color- leaving me with a hard
to read result (red on brown- even on the lighter parts).
* Main body text (front page): the middle area seems here like a lump of
text, not easy to scan in this time of night. I suspect that making some of
the section titles stand out (bold text maybe?) will make the text easier to
* Trippin'  page: the text to the right of the top picture is actaully
tuching it. It could use some margine there.

Other then that, nice pages :-)

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I've just finished my first site, the purpose of which is for me to learn,
and I'm wondering if someone could check it out at http://www.lobowalk.com/

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