[thelist] Many domain names pointing to one

jcanfield at magisnetworks.com jcanfield at magisnetworks.com
Mon Jun 10 12:41:01 CDT 2002

> [snip]
> However, they have just informed me that I didn't even need
> to get in contact with them, that when I'm registering the
> domain name, I should just set it up so that the new domains
> names point to the IP address of the original domain.
> Shurely shome mishtake? [/snip]
> Find another hosting company because this one is clueless.
> You can have multiple domains point to one IP, but this
> information still has to be contained in the DNS server,
> which I would suppose resides at your hosting company. You
> can set up virtual hosts on your servers, but if the DNS
> server doesn't know how to resolve the name it is worthless.

I host almost all my names thru joker.com and use their dns instead of the
dns at my ISP. So I could easily set up a new domain name for 12 euros and
point it to any IP address I felt like. Until someone complained, and joker
shut it off.

If the 'victim' (for lack of a better word) is using IIS's 'headers' to
route the domain names to the websites, they could easily route all domain
name exceptions to a 404 page. That's how mine's set up; if you hit my IP
address directly or if you pointed a bogus domain name to my IP, you
couldn't really make it point to my site(s).


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