[thelist] Yahoo will redesign soon

tstephens at trusecure.com tstephens at trusecure.com
Mon Jun 10 13:14:00 CDT 2002

> Ackpth.
> I can't wait to be greeted with a deluge of ads when I visit a site I
> _formerly_ associated with a rare dedication to simplicity
> and low-profile
> advertising.
> How the mighty have fallen...
> Jonathan.

Actually, this past week at the NN/g User Experience conference, David Chin
of Yahoo! talked.  He showed a couple of the so-called "intrusive ads" that
were becoming more common.  Some solutions that Yahoo! came up with were
rather fantastic, and not as intrusive as you would think.

They actually spoke about caring about the level of annoyance of the ads,
and the revenue those ads bring, and the balancing they try and do between
those two extremes.  I believe it's a valiant undertaking, trying to balance
out the annoyance of ads.


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