[thelist] using "explorer" to open folders?

Chris axe at suburbia.com.au
Tue Jun 11 09:34:01 CDT 2002


I'm not exactly using WinXP, in fact I'm using Win2K but I am pretty sure,
from what you have mentioned so far, that the differences here are minimal.

Go back into the Folder Options, File Types.

In the list of registered file types, scroll down to Folder, click the
Advanced button, which will give you a list of actions that are registered
for Folders, with the bold action being the default for when you
double-click a Folder.

Now all you have to do is click on either Explore or Open (depending on your
preference) and then click the Set As Default button.

Hope this helps.

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hi, i use windows xp. while playing around with icons
on the "folder options" file associations dialog, i
think i screwed up my association for folder
exploration. now, when i click on a folder, it opens
up an application called "ACDSee".

i tried going into this listing called "File Folder"
(which is above "Folder") in the file associations
dialog box, and added a new action:


open with:

(Use DDE)

this has helped somewhat, but it opens up all my
folders in new explorer windows.

would someone have an idea how i can restore my
explorer navigation back? i.e., when i click on a
folder in my Windows Explorer, that folder should be
opened within the same Explorer window.


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