[thelist] using "explorer" to open folders?

Bob Haroche bharoche at usa.net
Tue Jun 11 10:20:01 CDT 2002

> hi, i use windows xp. while playing around with icons
> on the "folder options" file associations dialog, i
> think i screwed up my association for folder
> exploration. now, when i click on a folder, it opens
> up an application called "ACDSee".

How about using the XP feature to revert your HD to a time before you
started playing with those icons? You'll want to backup all your data first
and then restore it after the reversion.

(FWIW I use GoBack on Win2K to save me from such experimentation. It's saved
me hours of troubleshooting this sort of stuff)

Bob Haroche
O n P o i n t  S o l u t i o n s

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