[thelist] using "explorer" to open folders?

Erick Papadakis erick_papadakis at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 11 10:26:06 CDT 2002

thanks for the restore point idea, bob. i have already
tried that. looks like windows xp does not register
this as a legitimate "change". i lost some settings
due to a free utility i downloaed yesterday, which is
alright, but i thought restoring would at least fix
this very needed feature.

nope. windows xp does not recognize this as a change
at all! :(

any ideas?

    | How about using the XP feature to revert your HD
to a
    | time before you started playing with those
icons? You'll
    | want to backup all your data first and then
restore it
    | after the reversion

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