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Frames stink, PLEASE don't use them. Why not use an include statement?
Another thing is that when the DNS has a sign up page, there are fields that
have to be filled in, such as user name and password, and then when you need
to manage the DNS, they use different words than were on the original page.
Like now they ask for the login, where before it was the username, or they
refer to the name servers now as host names. I never know what the H*** they
want. This just came up for me today at Verisign, they SAID wanted the 'host
name', where really they wanted the DNS nameserver at the webhost where the
site is hosted. I don't think of those as the same thing.

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> I'm not (yet) a real guru like you folks, I'm a coder.  Are FRAMES
> considered a "no-no" because they really would help on the concept of not
> having to reload entire pages all the time.  One left side frame could
> list a users domains and the right side could be the config for that
> domain.

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