[thelist] Site check/advice part deux.

Daniel Medley dm at lgcy.com
Fri Jun 14 15:10:01 CDT 2002

Tom wrote concerning http://www.lobowalk.com/ :

> Daniel,
> I fully agree with Tara on that..and I know color is personal, but man the
colors KILL me on the
> site, I wouldn't read it myself.
> Tom
I've noticed, from postings on this list, groups, and the many people of
private acquaintence who have viewed this site that there is little middle
ground here. Poeple either like it a lot or they hate it a lot. (most on the
like side). For me personally, it is killing to read black text on a white
background using a computer due to the brightness that comes from the
backlit quality of a monitor.

Although it killed you, I do appreciate the time you took to look at it.


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