[thelist] js form validation problem - still not working

Karen J. Bowen karen at miinx.com.au
Sat Jun 15 02:37:00 CDT 2002

Thanks Jeff & Howard, tried both your solutions but it's still not working.

Here's one of the pages:  http://www.cellaredportfolio.com.au/winestock.asp

The JS for this page is slightly different but with the same problem:

You'll see that when you enter a non-integer into the "Number Required"
field, the alert box appears but close it and the focus goes to the
_next_ field..  even though Mozilla will still select the correct field.

I'm going batty with this - anyone??

Also, IE is throwing an error on line 606 - ")" required..  whatever
program I've got linked to debug this isn't working though, so I can't
get more info & I'm not sure what it's talking about (it's a dynamic
page so hard to guess where, nor can I find it).  If someone could give
me the line of code (or show me the missing paren!) would be much
appreciated as well.

Thanks all,

Howard Cheng wrote:
> Don't forget also: onchange="return chkNum(this)"

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