[thelist] NN4 losing some CSS info on third and subsequent div tags?

Means, Eric D eric.d.means at boeing.com
Wed Jun 19 08:51:07 CDT 2002

The web page in question is http://www.randomtree.org/eric/
I've managed to get it to look decent in Opera, Mozilla, and IE5/6...
however, NN4 is, as is its wont, being irritating.

Problems I could use some help with:
First of all, the font color is wrong everywhere.  Where should I set the
font color to have it be effective?
Second, in every div except the "ahem" one at the top, my links are
No border on divs after the first days' posts.
Date alignment is not working.
Date background is not working.

Can anyone give me suggestions on how to fix the above?  I'm using browser
sniffing (ugh) to serve specific stylesheets to various browsers, so I only
have to worry about how the changes made affect browsers of less than
version 5.  The stylesheet in question is at


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