[thelist] NN4 losing some CSS info on third and subsequent di v tags?

Means, Eric D eric.d.means at boeing.com
Wed Jun 19 13:49:01 CDT 2002

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> Subject:	RE: [thelist] NN4 losing some CSS info on third and
subsequent div tags?
> > Problems I could use some help with:
> > First of all, the font color is wrong everywhere.  Where
> > should I set the font color to have it be effective? Second,
> Everywhere. NN4.x has trouble inheriting styles, so you'll need to do
> something like this:

I completely forgot about that.  Thanks.

> > in every div except the "ahem" one at the top, my links are
> > unformatted. No border on divs after the first days' posts.
> > Date alignment is not working. Date background is not working.
> You're going to kick yourself here. The one inline style you have
> (line#83: style="text-align: right") is killing the remaining styles in
> NN4.x .

Groooooooooooan... that was something I added as a stopgap and meant to move
into the stylesheet anyway...
Now if only there was a way to force the background color to span the entire
width of the div, instead of just the bit behind text.  :-P

> For more on working with NN4 and CSS read Mark Howells' excellent
> collection of tips:
> <http://www.mark.ac/writing/cssnn4.php>

Very nice.  Thanks a heap.

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