[thelist] Re: CSS article

Daniel Medley dm at lgcy.com
Thu Jun 20 13:39:01 CDT 2002

"Tom Dell'Aringa" <pixelmech at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm curious too. I switched my site over to a bluerobot.com CSS layout,
but he uses PX values for
> font sizes. While I agree that relative sizes are better for the user, it
seems to me there are
> nearly as many problems using relative sizes. I'd almost rather take the
control away from the
> user so I at least know the site will "look good" (from MY viewpoint) in
most browsers.

I suppose it depends on the nature of the site. On my personal site I used
px  to begin with for the reasons that you stated above. However, I did
convert it to %'s mostly just to surround myself in it and learn a bit more
(learning is the main purpose for this site). I've noticed that a vast
majority of sites I've seen use fixed sizing.  As far as "looking good" my
inexperienced, and perhaps misguided, opinion is that ultimately it's all
about information and if a user cannot read the information on a site, what
good is it?


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