[thelist] Ideal browser behaviour (was:CSS article)

Mark Gallagher mark at cyberfuddle.com
Sun Jun 23 01:01:01 CDT 2002

Bill Mason wrote:
> At 10:07 AM 06/20/2002, Sebastian Kostal wrote:
>> I think type should be handled in all browsers like IE 5 deals with it on
>> the Mac:
>> even if the designer sets the font size in pixels, the user can override
>> this setting by using the textzoom feature of IE.
> I like this in Mozilla too.  I also like in Moz (I forget if this is in 1.0
> -- it's in the 1.1 alpha) its ability in preferences to set a minimum font
> size you want everything to display in regardless.  Saves me a lot of time
> having to zoom font sizes up.

I agree - this was one of the few features that put Opera ahead of
Mozilla, and now they both have it :o).

Mark Gallagher

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