[thelist] Javascript function to disable certains parts of a form

.jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Mon Jun 24 02:40:01 CDT 2002

jon & david,

> From: jon steele
> currE = eval("document.f."+es[i]);
> currE.disabled = true;

ack, just so no to the unnecessary use of the eval() method.  bracket
notation is your friend and should be used whenever possible.

document.f.elements[es[i]].disabled = true;

there's absolutely no harm in nesting something that's using bracket
notation within another bracket notation.  however, if that makes you
squeamish, then you could do it like this:

currentElm = es[i];
document.f.elements[currentElm].disabled = true;

the use of the power-hungry eval() method chaps my hide whenever i see it.
maybe i'll get around to writing a rant, errr, i mean an article for the
site one of these days.

good luck,


jeff at members.evolt.org

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