[thelist] Opening Maximized Window

Mark Gallagher mark at cyberfuddle.com
Mon Jun 24 07:11:01 CDT 2002

Hello Experts,
How can I open a new maximized browser window by simply clicking on a
link? I
mean what will be the code?

I'm smart enough not to force this irritating hack on you, so I'll
simply provide a link and if you want it to open in a maximised window,
then click "open in new window" (or your equivalent, assuming of course
you're using a graphical browser and a mouse) and maximise the window
that opens.  Okay?  Ready?  Set?  Here's the link: <a
href="foo.html">foobar</a>.  See you when you're done with your
maximised window!

Mark Gallagher

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