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Techwatcher techwatcher at accesswriters.com
Mon Jun 24 08:18:01 CDT 2002

> I'm doing a web-site for someone and it's in a mock-up stage right
now. The
> problem I'm having is finding a particular font used in the company
> The old site (not mine!!) http://www.chezbetty.com has this logo on
it. The
> "Chez" over the "Betty" is what I'm curious about. Does anyone know
> that font is and where I could acquire it? I made a somewhat workable
> of it on the site I'm working on;
> http://www.lobowalk.com/chezbetty/home.html . It's close but the
> really wants the "Chez" to be exactly the same.

First, I can tell you that those fonts look very familiar, so they
probably are common fonts (relatively). Second, I can give you general
(very useful) instructions on how to match any font: A company (Panose)
created a typology for typography, with about 7 categories. They
published a wonderful book, and if you happen to live near NYC it's in
the NY Public Library (in particular, SIBL -- the Science, Industry,
and Business Library branch). This manual (large, soft-cover, about 8
1/2" x 11" format) simply shows you how to determine, exactly, the
value for each of the 7 (or so) characteristics they measure, and then
look up (in their supplied table) precisely which font you've measured.

I used this once for the same reason you need it now, and thereby
gained a Web-design short-term consult client. Thing to beware of is,
especially now that tools are available for font-design, there can be
odd variants of fonts that are badly designed and have not been
catalogued. But the fonts you want to copy, as I said, look like the
standards, so you should have no difficulty. Btw, PageMaker
incorporates the PANOSE matching system to some extent -- it's how they
match missing fonts in your document. If all else fails, since Adobe
sells fonts (individually), even if you can't get the manual I've
described, you might tell Adobe you want to buy those 2 fonts and see
if they'll match them (recognize them, more likely) for you!

Cheers --
Carol Stein
techwatcher at accesswriters.com

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