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See my replies below.

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	Hi All,

	I am new to this list being referred by a "PCWorker".

	I can do most of the basic HTML on my own, but have a couple of
	that I do not know how to handle. I have a client who is using
	www.paybycheck.com . This site has a finite set of parameters that
feed a
	form. I need to know:

	1:  "How (and if) can I concatenate several fields and check boxes
from a
	FrontPage 2000 form into one
	variable to pass with the submit?"
	      If this is not possible, does anyone know where I can get a
	Script to accomplish this. I program in Cobol, Fortran, RPG, some
BAL and
	VBA, but I know nothing about Java or JavaScript.

	You would need to get into some JavaScript (or some other scripting
language) to do this probably.  The way that I would do it is by making the
form call a JavaScript function instead of submitting directly.  That
JavaScript function would do whatever processing you needed and then submit
one or more forms.

	For instance:

	Form 1 could be your 'fields and checkboxes'.  Form 2 could be
another form with one hidden input value.  Your JavaScript would read the
values from Form 1 and create one large string to be assigned to Form 2,
then submit Form 2.  You'd probably have to write your own script to do

	2: My second question is given:

	<form method="POST" name="form"  action="https://paybycheck.com/">
	<form method="POST" action="--WEBBOT-SELF--" onSubmit="">      this
is form
	FrontPage 2000

	Is it possible to get both of the above POST actions to happen on
one click
	of the submit button.

	Yes.  You could do this in the manner I described above.  One
JavaScript function could submit the two forms, as long as neither submitted
the page that you were calling the JavaScript from.  As an aside, you
probably don't want to name your form "form".

	I would appreciate any help I could get on these subjects.


	Paul J. Warman


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