[thelist] IE5.2/Mac

Maurice Goffart maurice at graciebarra.be
Mon Jun 24 17:18:01 CDT 2002

Didn't try it myself, but I understand that if you change a preference with
entourage open and then quit entourage after IE5.2, entourage overwrites the
prefs file with your old preferences.

So yes and no.


on 19-06-2002 16:13, Arlen.P.Walker at jci.com at Arlen.P.Walker at jci.com wrote:

> Got a question for anyone with IE5.2/MacOSX. I've got a report that it
> refuses to let you pick your homepage, but rather that after a few launches
> will on its own reset your homepage back to MSN. Any confirmation of that
> out there? I was going to add it to my system, but if it's going to behave
> like that, I'll stay with 5.1.4
> Have fun,
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