[thelist] breadcrumbs

Jason Cartwright mail at jasoncartwright.com
Mon Jun 24 21:43:08 CDT 2002

Oups! Serves me right for just scanning emails.

Anyhow - there is a nice example of path breadcrumbs here -


All colour coded in sections.

Try going back to the main menu once you have looked around. It maps
your browsing - pretty neat, but not all that useful I thought.


> -----Original Message-----
> > Our friend Jacob uses breadcrumbs. There are a few details here -
> >
> > http://www.useit.com/about/nographics.html
> Angela was asking about *path* breadcrumbs; as in, here is
> the path you've taken through our site. Different from
> reg'lar ol' breadcrumbs.
> I'd be interested in seeing examples meself.

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