[thelist] Help needed replicating a quick error

PeterV peter at poorbuthappy.com
Tue Jun 25 03:53:01 CDT 2002

Hi all,
I am having the weirdest error with a credit card provider. The provider is
saying their system works fine, and there "is something wrong on my side".
My client is going berserk, I've been looking for this for a week now (took
me 3 days to find this weird error in the first place, the browser kept

I have created a form where you can replicate the error as follows:
1. Go to http://poorbuthappy.com/formtest.html (and write down the CC
number on the page)
2. enter a number < 100 and click the button
3. on the next page, enter the CC information as detailed on the page
before and hit "pay".
4. It should work and give you a confirmation screen.
5. Now do the same steps with a number > 100 (try 101), and after entering
the credit card info and hitting "pay" the browser should just hang.

If you could send your results to me (peter at poorbuthappy.com), and if you
get different results include your broswser, OS, that would be a great
help. I'm bleeding time and money here, it's really frustrating.... sigh

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