[thelist] Let the bashing begin

James Newbery jamesnewbery at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 25 05:23:01 CDT 2002

<quote author="Madhu Menon">
> I've got a positive tip balance, so no tip. :)

Let me help you out Madhu. As lurking (semi-) newbie I

<tip type="Usability testing" author="Jim Newbery">

When reporting usability testing results, it pays to
be honest and report other possible explanations for
your results.

This is especially important with clients. If you
claim that your own design changes are 100%
responsible for improvements in usability, you will
have some explaining to do if there are unforseen
problems when a site is released.

Always explain what hasn't been tested, what caveats
there are to the results, and that real world use may
not reflect your rather unrealistic test environment.

Instead of blowing your own trumpet, this balanced
approach should gain you respect rather than a
reputation for arrogance and hyperbole.


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