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Tue Jun 25 06:10:01 CDT 2002

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I could not get this to work at all, it kept saying the expiry date was not
valid, so I changed it and it still was wrong. I was following your

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peter at poorbuthappy.com writes:

> Hi all,
> I am having the weirdest error with a credit card provider. The provider is
> saying their system works fine, and there "is something wrong on my side".
> My client is going berserk, I've been looking for this for a week now (took
> me 3 days to find this weird error in the first place, the browser kept
> hanging).
> I have created a form where you can replicate the error as follows:
> 1. Go to http://poorbuthappy.com/formtest.html (and write down the CC
> number on the page)
> 2. enter a number < 100 and click the button
> 3. on the next page, enter the CC information as detailed on the page
> before and hit "pay".
> 4. It should work and give you a confirmation screen.
> 5. Now do the same steps with a number > 100 (try 101), and after entering
> the credit card info and hitting "pay" the browser should just hang.
> If you could send your results to me (peter at poorbuthappy.com), and if you
> get different results include your broswser, OS, that would be a great
> help. I'm bleeding time and money here, it's really frustrating.... sigh
> Thanks!
> Peter

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